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■ Over 140 years of experience in the production of hand tools. 

■ Development and production - Made in Switzerland.

■ Pleasant, modern and ergonomic design. 

■ Precise professional tools with an excellent practical value.

■ Uncompromising Swiss quality at a fair price. 

■ Extensive warranty for all tools.

■ Product range containing around 2,200 tools.

What makes a distinction between the tooling equipment from PB SWISS TOOLS and products from other producer?

The material.
For the production of tools from PB SWISS TOOLS a special developed alloy on the base of spring steel is used. This special steel has a hardness value of  58-60 HRC. This guarantees a severe tenacity and spring characteristics and contributes essentially to the wear resistance of the PB tools. All PB tools are produced from the same steel!

The PB SWISS TOOLS product lines correspond to the requests of the user. 

PB Multicraft® grip with a spherical basic shape is the grip out of hard material.
This grip material is particularly robust, resistant and long-lasting.
The grip material is CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) and is extracted from the raw material wood. 
- The grip material is oil- and gasoline-resistant and therefore ideal for the workshop.
- The structured surface is also very handy with oily hands. 
- The grips are shock-resistant and especially easy to clean from oil and grease.
- The grip material is produced out of renewable resources (raw material wood).

PB SwissGrip® grip and the grips of PB ElectroTools are manufactured out of two components.
The core of these grips consists of polypropylene, which is coated with a coat out of skin-friendly Santoprene®. Quick choice through symbolism on the grip caps.
- The 2-components grip material has a hard core and a handy coat.
- Comfortable grip feeling and ideal for the applications, such as montage and installation.
- These grips enable a fatigue-proof work with a torque at the highest stage.
- The grip material is largely steady against solvents.
- These tools can be sterilized in steam autoclaves till 140 degree Celsius.
- The SwissGrip grip is especially slip-resistant, even with wet or sweaty hands.
- This grip material is also used by all PB cross handles respectively T-handles.
The PB ElectroTools also come with this grip, moreover they are tested till 1000 volt VDE and GS.

PB ESD grips are made of PP-TPE (Polypropylene-thermoplastic elastomer).
- Electrostatic conducting and ideal for ESD workplaces.

The parallel screwdriver top.
The parallel screwdriver top is a Swiss speciality. It is not contained in the International norms (ISO, DIN). The precision of the parallel form and the beveled corners are produced following Swiss tradition. That protects the screw head of all norm screws, which have to be regularly opened and closed. Only a screw driver slit that is accurately fitting in the screw enables a high torque as well as a largely wear-free activity of the screw head.
Tool quality that convinces instantly!

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PB Precision Bits ® with special coating

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